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Activist is a Mānuka Honey company founded by husband and wife Luke Harwood and Gabrielle Mirkin. Their shared passion for the earth and natural products can be traced back to their childhoods in New Zealand.  

Mānuka Honey is a beautiful resource with considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than found in other honey. The long list of benefits include immunity support, acne care, antiaging, eczema & rosacea, sore throats, immunity, digestion and allergies to name a few with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Activist Mānuka honey is 100% A-Grade raw and is a potent and precious resource from New Zealand.
You can incorporate Activist Mānuka as part of a daily ritual to greatly nourish your everyday health, beauty and well-being and to energize your body, mind and spirit.


Activist Mānuka Honey Mask


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