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Diamond Travel Tarot-Pendant Only

The Travel card encourages safe passage in exploration and carries protection for you within your every day life journey.

Designed from a mixture of original drawings by Sofia Zakia, as well as classical decks by Jean Francois Alliette and Brian Williams, each card is engraved on both sides and is hand-oxidized to bring out their etchings. The reverse side of each card portrays the sun and waxing and waning moons.

Made by hand in Montreal.

Each card measures 23mm x 12mm and is made of 0.9mm solid 14K gold.

 Designed after the Grand Etteilla Tarot 5, this card pictures the four elements surrounding an elliptic garland and a branch of leaves. Around this, the ourobouros snake eats its own tail, a symbol of infinity and wholeness. The Travel card represents the soul's intoxication with earthly paradise, and exploring the four corners of the Earth.
The Travel card will imbue you with the protection of the four elements. Wherever you may travel to, you can be sure that the creatures of earth, air, water and fire surround you in a protective spell.

All jewelry is final sale. 

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