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Regeneration Mist

Hydrating Tremella & Gotu Kola


In the spirit of regeneration, a tree is planted for every bottle sold.


A highly regenerative blend of nature's most healing botanicals. This essential mist works overtime to calm and invigorate skin. Alleviating inflammation, repairing damaged skin cells, drawing moisture to the skin, smoothing texture and tone, and boosting natural collagen production. Packed with efficacious antioxidants for skin's vitality and buoyancy, this organic mist was carefully blended for the most sensitive skin types. Use daily as a staple of your skin ritual and see the restorative effects of hand selected, organic ingredients—and clearer, calmer, renewed skin.

This healing and hydrating toning mist was formulated for skin's immediate vitality and longterm health. Tremella draws moisture to the skin and stimulates skin's collagen production while gotu kola and trametes versicolor repair skin at a cellular level, renewing its buoyancy and fortifying against free radicals. All ingredients were hand selected and many grown on our property, to ensure a higher standard of quality and efficacy in our products.


100% natural, non-binary and cruelty-free. Gentle on all skin types. Sustainably packaged and travel size.

60ml / 2 fl oz.


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