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Tumbler Greystone/Clear Sky 2oz

1.75" Diameter x 2.5" Tall - Holds +/-  2 fl oz *
* All measurements are approximate and will vary from piece to piece. 

This tiny 2 ounce tumbler can be used for anything from serving mint tea at the end of a Moroccan dinner party to serving shots of Matcha tea, Sake, or an extra extra short espresso! How about a digestif such as Pomme or Poire ... or Vodka? You can keep this little tumbler in your freezer for an extra cold experience. You can also use it to hold toothpicks, cotton swabs, or just to add a sprinkle of Humble Ceramics in you kitchen. It makes an ideal hostess gift, a great party favour or just add a touch of texture, colour and warmth to any area it feels drawn to ... 

Price for 1 unit | Accessories pictured sold separately

Made with mindfulness in South Los Angeles 
Dishwasher/Sanitizer safe 
Not recommended: oven, microwave
DO NOT soak!

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