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Palo Santo | Sandalwood | Kush Candle

The scent was created with a carefully curated blend of naturally-derived phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, with highlights of Sandalwood, Palo Santo and Kush.  Clear quartz crystal points are ethically sourced from Brazil in a heavy-based glass tumbler that can be reused after the candle's life has run its course.

Each candle has a burn time of 45-60 hours 

The blended wax used for these candles has a range of features:
• vegan & cruelty-free
• gluten free
• phthalate-free
• free and clear of any toxins and/or mutagens


Sandalwood is a smooth, creamy, delicate scent and then the Palo Santo is punchy and revitalizing.  True to form, the kush in this candle remains mild and mellow custom created for Wolf & Moon by Le Feu Les Chandelles.

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